Hey I’m Aurore, I’m from France, grew up on the countryside, about 40 minutes from Paris. I moved to the US as a teenager and have lived/studied/paid taxes/fell in love here ever since.

I thrive on learning, which has translated to spending 9 years in higher education and completing three degrees (BS interior design; BA art history; MA art business).

I haven’t followed a traditional interior designer’s path, given it was the first thing I studied. I was itching to learn how to push the boundaries of design through a variety of projects and clients. I discovered experiential design and exhibition design and worked in those industries for a couple of years.

More recently, my work at a foundation has led me to a philanthropic position that taught me how to be an empathetic leader; to have a futuristic outlook; to manage programs and people; to simplify processes; to work efficiently; and to mentor people.

Things I love:

Fast-paced work environment; challenges; opportunities to learn/grown; everything bagels; research; collaborating; wearing sneakers; art and design.

Things I don’t love so much:

Lack of encouragement; not valuing people’s lives; sweets; how addictive our phones have become; plastic in our oceans.