Aurore is a spatial designer and photography enthusiast based in Cincinnati. She is currently the Program Director at People's Liberty, managing their grant-making process, grantees’ projects and their storefront installations. 

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the School of Architecture and Interior Design (DAAP) and Bachelor of Art in Art History from the School of Art, at the University of Cincinnati. She also received a Master of Art in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and wrote her thesis on American art museum architecture and its impact on the audience.

While she is pursuing a creative lifestyle, Aurore is looking for opportunities to collaborate on projects ranging from creative direction, experiential design, exhibition design and photography. 



Aurore has worked within

  • the philanthropic industry managing grants, grantees, projects and installations.

  • the cultural arts industry, particularly private, public galleries and art museums, art-handling, preparing and designing exhibitions.

  • the experiential marketing industry designing temporary spaces for a wide range of leading brands.

  • the interior design industry generating concepts, floor plans and renderings for hospitality and high-end residential projects.


Aurore aspires to create a dynamic and engaging resource platform for emerging artists and the cultivation of young patrons.